Vasanth Santosham (Vaz)

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Favorite character ever played: I’m torn between Yermolai Lopakhin and Nikolai Stavrogin
Favorite author: Chekhov
Favorite play: The Cherry Orchard
Favorite condiment: Mustard
Favorite book? The Old Man and the Sea
Favorite TV show: A team
Favorite actor: Marlon Brando
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Fisherman or Chef
Other languages spoken: Basic Tamil Basic Russian
Background/heritage: Born of Indian Parents but raised in USA
Countries/cities lived in: Panama City, Panama, Whiteriver, AZ, Baltimore, MD, Kodaikanal, India, Detroit, MI, Moscow, Russia, Chennai, India Who would you love to meet & why (past or present)? Gandhi because I can’t believe such a man could exist in this world