Robert Benjamin Sargent (Ben) grew up performing in Rhode Island and took his acting to Montreal while he studied at McGill University. He was asked to join the American Course of The Moscow Art Theater's School-Studio in 2002 through the Stanislavski Summer Program in Cambridge, Mass. Ben's most challenging roles have been his favorite ones: Staples in "Finer Noble Gases", Valya in "Playing A Victim", Petya Troffimov in "The Cherry Orchard" and The Stage Manager in "Our Town".

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Favorite character every played: Alyosha Karamozov
Ideal role: Monsieur Jordan
Favorite condiment: Xren/Horse radish
Favorite TV show: Family Feud with John O'Hurley, Wendy Williams
Favorite band: The Modern Lovers/Jonathan Richman
Favorite season: Nutmeg
Favorite movie? Young Guns
Your favorite actor/actress? Mark Walberg/ Meryl Streep
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Park Ranger
What sound or noise do you love? smashing electric guitar
What is your day job? teaching artist