About Us

Studio Six is an ensemble based theater company — the sixth studio to be born out of the Moscow Art Theater School, and the only American one.

The company was founded in 2005 by the graduates of the only American class to have completed the four year course of study at the Moscow Art Theater School.

This company is dedicated to a theater of strong ensemble acting, directorial vision and creating dynamic relationships with audiences.

Studio Six's mission is to be cultural bridge between the Russian and American theater communities and beyond. We do this by collaborating with foreign directors and playwrights, authoring new translations, and providing educational experiences and workshops for the audience and communities we serve.

The American Class

The American Class of the Moscow Art Theater School was the first class of foreign students to partake in the full four year course of study at the school. These students, recent High School graduates, went to Moscow for a rigorous and singular education in theater.

The school’s curriculum includes concentrated scene work and exercises in actors’ technique that have been passed down from Stanislavsky and developed by each following generation of actors and teachers in the theater. The actor’s education is supplemented by intensive training in dance, movement and voice.

The American Class was immersed in the theater culture of Moscow, following the work of the cities leading directors and companies, attending rehearsals and exclusive performances. They lived with the Russian students and learned the language as Moscow became their home for four years.

Through these shared experiences, the class became a tightly knit ensemble. They formed lasting relationships with teachers and directors, and earned a strong reputation among the community of artists and theater-goers. In their final year of study the class performed a rotating repertoire of seven productions. They played both in the Student Theater and New Stage of the Moscow Art Theater.

Before leaving Moscow after graduation, it became clear to the members of The American Class, the work done over the course of four years was more than an education but the foundation for a long term working relationship as an ensemble.

Studio Six Beginnings

Studio Six was conceived in August 2005 during the ArtsLand Theater Festival in Cabridge, MA. Working with three up and coming Eastern European directors this festival introduced the company formed in Moscow as an American ensemble focused on working with Russian and Eastern European theater artists and material.

The group was fittingly named “Studio Six” by Anatoly Smelyansky, Associate Director of the Moscow Art Theater and Dean of the School, as they are sixth studio born from the Moscow Art Theater since its inception in 1896.

In 2007, Studio Six made their New York debut at the International Fringe Festival. In the years since, they have built a presence in New York, toured in the United States and abroad and continue to work with theater artists abroad and in New York.

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