Woman at the Funerals
a new play by Elena Balyberdina
directed by Ben Sargent

Woman at the Funerals is a dark satire about delusional perception. After a contentious divorce, Anna struggles to find a place among her lying boyfriend, troubled teenage children, manipulative ex-husband, and his new wife. Anna's provocative identity crisis takes a turn as she becomes a sought-after funeral planner, unearthing an array of eccentric characters in their time of need. The superficial layers of personality that Anna, and those in her life, have always relied on, are glitching, decaying and disintegrating. Anna’s metamorphosis involves shedding everything artificial about herself, nearly her entire identity.

June 13-29, 2014 - 16 Performances
Wednesdays-Saturdays @ 8pm / Saturdays @ 2pm / Sundays @ 3pm

IATI Theater
64 East 4th Street, NYC

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or call 212-352-3101

Equity approved showcase



I Am Me is a site unspecific play. It's a portrait of a young woman, a story about a bus and an exploration of personal space, identity and who we are to ourselves and others. And you're in it too! youmeandyourfriend.com


"Town.Ship" directed by Vladimir Pankov
Studio Six collaboration with Soundrama, Moscow, 2011